AboutThe Book

The Growth Hacker’s Guide to the Galaxy is the ultimate compendium of growth hacks for the modern digital marketer, written by marketing veterans Jeff Goldenberg (Head of Growth at Borrowell and TechStars Mentor) and Mark Hayes (CMO of ROCKETSHP, and founder of one of the world’s first growth hacking agencies). Are you ready to skyrocket (get it?) your companies growth? Keep reading…

WhatYou Will Learn

The Most Effective Tools, Software, and Technology in the Galaxy for Digital and Startup Marketers

100 Must-Know Growth Hacks to Take your Business to the Next Level (Product-Market Fit, transition to growth and scale)

Case Studies From Leading Startups Showcasing the Best Growth Hacks Ever Conceived
(and exactly how they did it)

100 Featured Growth Hacks, Including

  • How to use the skyscraper content marketing technique to generate thousands of page views a day
  • How to create a digital marketing ground zero using hubspot
  • How to hack a turnkey t-shirt business that never touches a t-shirt
  • How to automate (almost) every task in your business using zapier
  • How to become a thought leader through a simple email course setup
  • How to target a specific audience on facebook
  • How to get instant feedback from website visitors
  • How to get the advice you need without a huge network
  • How to start a blog in under 5 minutes
  • How to target and engage influencers using followerwonk
  • How to quickly syndicate your blog for additional inbound traffic
  • How to hack your graphic design (for all types of budgets)

WhoThis Book is for

Startup Marketers

Nothing can be as discouraging as a slow startup. When you finally take the plunge to start a project you have always believed in, only to see little to no growth, self-doubt can take over. Instead of suffering through this period, struggling and wondering if your startup is going to make it, you need to figure out a way to make it work…but you won’t find it through traditional marketing routes.
The growth hacks inside The Growth Hacker’s Guide to the Galaxy are designed by leading digital marketers and startups and battle-tested in the real world, ensuring you’ll jumpstart your growth, and get your startup on the track it should be.

Digital Marketers

The strategies and tactics inside The Growth Hacker’s Guide to the Galaxy are essential to expanding your digital presence in 2015 and beyond.
By leveraging the growth hacks in this book, you will find your marketing reach more people faster and cheaper than ever before, leading to the type of connections that will take your business to the next level. Each growth hack is specifically geared towards improving the performance of digital marketers throughout the galaxy. Reading The Growth Hacker’s Guide to the Galaxy is like putting your current skillset on steroids (minus the big forehead thing).

Modern Marketing Students

The medium of marketing is evolving faster than ever before. This book will put you on the vanguard of marketing techniques. The internet has opened up so many doors for startup companies and small businesses, throwing traditional methods of business-building out the window, and, as it seems, traditional marketing methods as well. These hacks will allow you to think outside of the box and question the mold of classic marketing methods

Nontechnical Marketers

Just because you have no prior technical marketing skills, does not mean you can’t implement these hacks. In fact, these growth hacks are going to be particularly crucial for you. We will provide you with step by step instructions, ensuring that you do not feel over your head at any point.

WhatPeople are saying

Dan Norris

Co-founder of WPCurve.com and Best Selling Author of "The 7 Day Startup"

Well written and extremely actionable. If you are after some specific things to try grow your software business, there is no shortage of them here. There are ideas in here that would have prevented my first software business failure, If I had only had access to it years ago. If just one of these ideas boost your conversion rates or helps you understand your customers better, then the book is worth every penny.

Sean Ellis

Ceo and Founder of Qualaroo and GrowthHackers.com

This looks great!

Sam Mallikarjunan

Head of Growth for HubSpot labs at HubSpot and author of "How to Sell Better than Amazon"

The Growth Hacking sourcebook is the real deal. The Growth Hacker's Guide to the Galaxy will be even better. Every digital marketer needs this book.

Mark Evans

Principal, Mark Evans Consulting

If you're looking for recipes for success, you're in good hands. This book makes it easy to discover and implement the growth hacks that will accelerate your business and give you a competitive edge.

Massimo Chieruzzi

Founder and CEO of AdEspresso

The Growth Hacker's Guide to Galaxy is one of the most complete, actionable books I've read lately to boost online business. From the get-go to advanced topics you'll learn everything you need to be successful at growth hacking.

AboutThe Authors

Jeff Goldenberg

Jeff Goldenberg is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Abacus, an adtech/agency hybrid that focused on performance Facebook and Instagram advertising. Prior to founding Abacus, Jeff was a startup founder, author, speaker and startup mentor with MaRS, 500 Startups and Techstars.

Mark Hayes

Mark Hayes is the Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of full-service digital marketing agency, ROCKETSHP. Previously, Mark founded one of the world’s first growth hacking agencies and his companies and projects have been mentioned in Wired UK, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal.

The Growth Hacker's Guide To The Galaxy